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Our unique Recording Studio and its beautiful setting.

Control Room

We are very lucky to have 24/7 access to our own specially designed commercial grade studio.

Back in late 2011 we decided we wanted a dedicated unit that would offer us the comfort and professionalism worthy of our growing client base, something that would allow us to work through the night if required, with a good sized live room for vocalists and instruments, and a better monitoring environment for mixing.

The W.V.R studio is installed in an up-cycled shipping container, a unique, air-conditioned creative space set in beautiful farmland and yet only a 5 minute walk into the centre of the town.

Mid November after a rain storm

It is a good size for small productions, solo artists and singer-songwriters, the live room can comfortably take 4-5 singers or a compact drum kit.

The core of the studio is a hybrid digital/analog recording system consisting of a Nuendo workstation, with near unlimited track count and huge amounts of processing. This is then coupled with RME digital converters and the analog Focusrite 2802 giving us all the sharpness of modern clean technology, with the warmth and musicality of classic consoles.

To further enhance that we have Slate Digital console and tape processors installed with a substantial range of UAD products for vintage EQ's, Compressors, Reverbs and other effects.

The studio has 2 sets of monitors, Mackie 824s and the legendary Yamaha NS10s for reliable mix translation.

Our philosophy for a quality, yet affordable commercial studio was to focus on the simple things we can do really well and centre our investments on maximum bang for buck in terms of audio quality.

Therefore, if you have commercial grade microphones, premium grade signal paths, industry standard monitoring and a good vocalist or musician there is nothing stopping that recording being every bit as inspiring as if it was recorded in a £1000 a day facility.

Our studio was built for vocalists, but equally for music making.

We have a great sounding upright piano which we often record for clients who want a more personalised, bespoke backing track and we have a wide selection of electric and acoustic guitars, as well as more traditional folk instruments.

Since it's completion our shipping container studio has been filled relentlessly with great music and superb performers, musicians and producers from the games, film and TV industries. It is humble in size, yet a dependable tool, inviting and comfortable, with bags of character and we love getting peoples reactions to it.

If you want to see this little gem for yourself, get in contact - and we will be happy to arrange a visit!

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